You Just Need One Video | Video Marketing Myths

MYTH: You Just Need One Video

One of the biggest video marketing myths that producers and production houses will tell you in that you just need one video.

One, single video for your entire business. To cover everything, from educating cold leads and warming them up. To building trust with those warm leads, and encouraging those warm leads to buy. And encouraging those who have already bought to come back and buy more.

It simply doesn’t work like that.

You Just Need One Video | Video Marketing Myths

So where do video marketing myths like this come from?

FACT: One video is a great start.

One great piece of video content that sits on your landing pages, on the front page of your website and on your social media profiles is a great start. It explains who you are, what you do and how you help the people that you help.

But it’s just a start.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

It’s just one video, and one video alone is not a video strategy.

It takes a lot of touch points to build trust with our audiences. And although video can help speed up that know, like and trust process, it still takes time – and thus multiple videos – in order to properly connect with the people we want to connect with.

And you also need different types of video to connect with your audience in the right way at each part of your sales funnel. There is no “one size fits all” approach.

So create a full video strategy. Connect with your audience in the right way. And create more than just one video if you want to see real results.

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