Why choose video marketing?

“Marc, why do you choose video? Tell me why you use video marketing as opposed to any of these other forms of content marketing that we have? Why did you choose video content rather then blogging? Why do you choose video content as opposed to starting a podcast?”

This was a conversation I was having with a business owner last week, and at first it might seem a little bit like an interrogation. But the honest truth was that they just didn’t understand how powerful the medium of video can be in the content marketing mix, and wanted to know why I’m such an advocate for it’s use.

Video Content is Powerful

I truly believe that video is the single most powerful tool that business owners have at their disposal today.

It can help us to generate sales. It can help us to save time. And we know that most importantly v,ideo can help us to build trust and build true meaningful relationships with our audiences.

Additionally, your videos are probably the easiest form of content for you to repurpose into other mediums!

Repurposing Your Video Content

Here’s a fact: Not everyone in your audience wants to watch your video content.

Some video marketers won’t admit this, and despite video’s popularity there’s still a significant segment of your audience who won’t watch your videos, no matter how many you put out not how good they are.

But, potentially they’d be happier to listen to a podcast of yours.

Other parts of your audience may have no interest in listening to a podcast or watching a video, but they will happily read a blog or social media post.

And video content is super easy to repurpose into these other formats.

Repurposing Video for Podcast

Creating a podcast from your video content is possible the easiest thing that you can do.

In some instances, you can just take the audio from the video, and upload it as is to your podcasting platform!

However, for most of us you’ll just need to record a slightly different intro and outro before it can be used.

Either way, we’re just talking a few minutes extra work to create that podcast episode.

Repurposing Video for Blogs, Social Media Posts, E-Mail Marketing, and other written content.

Now, depending on how you script and produce your video content this might be slightly trickier.

If you script your videos out in full, you may be able to upload the script and publish as is!

But, if you’re like me and simply work from bullet points – ad-libbing along the way – this can be slightly tricker.

Firstly, you’ll need to use a service such as Rev.com to transcribe the video for you. This is super cheap, with automated transcriptions costing just $0.10 per minute! (That’s just 8p per minute for those of us here in the UK).

From there you’ll just need to tidy it up – the automated service struggles with some words, phrases and accents – and format it correctly for the platform you’ll be using.

And presto! Your video is now ready to be published as a piece of written content on the platform of your choice!

Let’s Get Repurposing!

So start taking your video content and turning it into podcasts, blogs, emails, social posts and more!

This post itself actually started life as a short video inside the Firebrand Video Boost Your Business with Better Video Group!

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