All Your Videos Should be Under 2 Minutes | Video Marketing Myths

MYTH: All Your Videos Should Be Under 2 Minutes

One of the video marketing myths that I keep on hearing lately is that all your videos should be under 2 minutes long.

Every. Single. One.

And that’s a HUGE mistake which even video production agencies are making.

All Your Videos Should be Under 2 Minutes | Video Marketing Myths

So where do video marketing myths like this come from?

FACT: Audiences are far more likely to watch a short video, than they are a longer video.

This much is true and something which has been proven time and time again. But that doesn’t mean that every single one of your videos should be that short.

There’s no point trying to cram 5 minutes worth of content into a 2 minute video – people will barely have time to understand what’s going on.

And what do you if you have a particularly complex idea that you want to convey to your audience? That again can’t be done in just 2 minutes time.

Each video should be as long as it needs to be.

That might sound strangely philosophical, but try to sit back and think about it for a moment.

Some stories and ideas will only need to be a minute or so long to explain and connect with our audience. Others may take 5, 10 even 20 minutes to properly communicate the ideas that we want communicated.

At no point should you try and cut out anything that you feel is essential for the audience to know. At the same time, you shouldn’t try to pad it out with anything unnecessary just to make your videos longer.

But don’t most people stop watching a video after the first 30 seconds? How will I get people to watch all the way to the end?

It’s true that almost 50% of the audience is likely to turn the video off before it hits the 30-second mark.

It’s also true that typically, less than 5% of the people who started watching your video will make it all the way to the very end.

And a lot of businesses beat themselves up about such a low percentage making it the whole way through.

But you shouldn’t.

Let’s try and reframe our thoughts on this.

Say 2,000 people started watching your 5 minute video. 1,000 of them have dropped out just 30 seconds in.

GREAT! These people clearly aren’t ready to buy from you yet. But there’s 1,000 more who are slightly more interested.

“But only 100 made it all the way to the end!”


That’s 100 people who are likely very interested in you and your services, and who are ready to buy from you.

Maybe your numbers are lower and only 20 people tuned in, and just 1 made it all the way to the end. Great! That’s 1 new customer, right? And if you perfected your call-to-action, they’ve reached out to you and you know exactly who they are.

The most powerful videos for converting leads into sales

Do you know what some of the most powerful videos for converting leads into paying clients are right now?


And they’re typically anywhere from an hour to two hours long!

Now webinars aren’t going to be appropriate for every type of business out there. But with audiences willing to sit through such long videos and get their credit card details out at the end, there’s no reason that you can’t produce longer content for the members who your audience who are really interested in what you do.

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