Online Branded Content Should Mimic TV Commercials | Video Marketing Myths

MYTH: Branded Online Video Should Mimic TV Commercials

One of the biggest video marketing myths that producers and production houses will tell you in that your branded online videos should mimic TV commercials.

In an age where TV viewing is in decline – and more and more people are using things like TiVo to avoid commercials entirely, this is a HUGE mistake.

And how much attention do you pay to the TVC-like videos that you see as ads on YouTube? Or inside your mobile games?

It’s a mistake to think that all branded online videos should mimic TVC’s.

Online Branded Content Should Mimic TV Commercials | Video Marketing Myths

So where do video marketing myths like this come from?

FACT: TVC’s work.

Yes, even with TV viewing figures in decline as they lose out to on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, TVC’s get results.

Hence the hundreds of millions of dollars the big brands still spend on them each and every year.

But the online space isn’t the same as television.

Especially since most of us are using social media channels to connect to our audience.

They key word in social media is social.

It’s all about conversations and engaging with other people.

How many of us engage with TVC’s? How many of us do all we can to avoid them when they do come on?

We need to think about our online content differently.

You need to give your audience something to talk about.

You need to give them something to remember you by. So give them value.

Give your audience free tips and advice and create discussions around these ideas that you’re sharing. By doing so, you’ll also build trust and establish yourself as an expert along the way.

And don’t forget that you can still market your products and services within these videos! It just needs to be done differently to the way that brands market their products in TVC’s.

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