Save Time Making Your Next Video! | VIDEO MARKETING MYTH: Creating Video Content is Too Time-Consuming

MYTH: Creating Video Content is too Time-Consuming

One of the video marketing myths that I keep on hearing lately is that creating video content is too time-consuming. But it really doesn’t need to be! If you want to save time making video, then there’s a few real quick and easy steps we can follow.

But where do video marketing myths like this come from?

Now it’s a fact that a lot of time goes into planning, shooting, and editing your video content.

On top of that, it’ll take even more time for you to upload that content and promote it. After all, you need to make sure that the right people actually watch and engage with that video content!

Save Time Making Your Next Video! | VIDEO MARKETING MYTH: Creating Video Content is Too Time-Consuming

But there are a few things we can do to save time when making our next video.

And even better than that, we can make sure that the time we spend creating video content is spent as efficiently as possible.

Live Video

You could do a live video on platforms such as Facebook or YouTube, or even LinkedIn in the very near future. Thus removing the need to edit and upload the content and saving you a whole chunk of time in that area.

Batch Recording

Another thing we could do is batch record videos – recording maybe four or five videos in a single session.

This does mean you’ll have to be a little bit more organized with the planning stage.

But it does remove the need to set up your camera – and maybe your microphone or lights or backdrop – each and every single time just to record one video.

That’s a lot of time saved.

Hire a Professional

If the thought of doing this all by yourself seems daunting, then you can hire a professional video production company to come in and help you with your video content.

Typically they’ll also want to batch record a bunch of videos in one sitting as well.

And they’ll make sure to handle the editing and uploading of that content for you!

But remember, you will need to make time for your video content.

If you’re serious about making it work for you and your business, you can’t just wing it and expect to get results by have a little bit of planning time and effort. You will see the results that you’re looking for from your video strategy.

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