What is the best royalty free music library?

6 Best Royalty Free Music Libraries

If you’re creating video content, then at some point you’re going to need music for your videos. And what you need to be using is a royalty free music library to find that music.

A lot of video creators will opt to use mainstream, copyrighted songs in the early stages on their content creation career. After all, it’s so much easier to draw the audience in with a mainstream track that they’re already familiar with, and that potentially conveys the exact energy and emotions that you’re looking for.

This is a bad idea.

Not only are you likely to end up foul of copyright laws, but your videos may be muted – thus losing all the audio content, including your carefully crafted talks. Worse still, your accounts may be suspended, and in worst-case scenarios you may find yourself in court for being in violation of copyright law.

In addition to that, if you’re looking to monetise your content on YouTube, you’ll be unable to do.

Advantages of using a Royalty Free Music Library

First of all, you’ll find that you won’t find yourself with any of the issues we’ve listed above!

But secondly, you can find a truly unique piece of music that still really fits you, your videos and your brand that will help you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

So let’s take a look at 6 of the best royalty free music libraries to pull from, in no particular order.

What is the best royalty free music library?

Royalty Free Music Libraries

1. Artlist

Artlist offers unlimited downloads on their licensed tracks, and these downloads come with a license for lifetime use in any project. Their tracks are also pre-checked for YouTube monetisation, and the site claims that new music is added every day!

www.artlist.io – Pricing $16.60/mo or £199/year

2. Musicbed

Musicbed has a library of carefully curated tracks and offers a variety of subscriptions plans dependent on the type of content you’ll be creating. There’s also the option to have custom music created for your project!

www.musicbed.com – Pricing starts $9/mo

3. Epidemic Sound

Whilst the subscription model may be a little too much for some content creators, Epidemic Sound offers single track purchasing too. With over 30,000 tracks to choose from – plus over 60,000 sound effects – you get a lot for your money!

www.epidemicsound.com – Pricing starts at £10/mo

4. Soundstripe

Soundstripe is another library with a carefully curated selection of tracks, with new music being uploaded each and every week.

www.soundstripe.com – Pricing starts at $19/mo

5. Thematic

Thematic is a completely free to use platform to use – all you need to do is connect your YouTube account to your Thematic account, and make sure you credit the artist every time you use of their songs. They also offer integrations into Instagram, but please note that music from here can only be used on YouTube and Instagram.

www.hellothematic.com – FREE!

6. YouTube Audio Library

Another completely free service – although once again these tracks can only be used on YouTube. If you’re just getting started out, this is a great place to find music to put into your projects with no costs and no hassle.

www.youtube.com/audiolibrary – FREE!

Crediting Artists

So you’ve sourced your music. You’ve got the correct license. And you’ve put it into your project. Now you need to check if you need to credit the artist or not.

Sometimes when a song is copyright-free, the artist will ask you to credit them in your video description (add the song title, the artist’s name, their social media links, etc). Other times, when you paid for the license of that music, then crediting artists can be optional.

Always make sure to check if you need to credit the artist or not when you download your tracks!

Useful tips

Know what you’re using

Some tracks will be labeled “royalty free”, but aren’t – especially on YouTube channel that claim to provide “copyright free” music. Make sure you know what you’re downloading, and if in doubt, don’t use it.

Artists May Change Their Mind

A track may be royalty free now, but later on the artist who created it might change their mind, causing your videos to be demonetised, muted, or even taken down.

Typically this only happens with completely free tracks, and purchases from subscriptions sites will protect you with the lifelong licenses they generate with each and every track. Don’t lose these documents as you never know when you may need them!


There’s a WHOLE lot of choice out there in the royalty free music library space these days. And ultimately, it’s up to you to find the one that suits you. Completely free tracks will never be without issue, but are great for those of who are starting out or on a budget.

Whereas the subscription services and their offerings will very much depend on how many videos you’re producing a month. Sometimes just one track is all you need for everything, others you may want to change it up! (Although if you’re looking to establish your brand strongly, we recommend against that)

Regardless, you need to find the library that works best for you. So check them out, listen to some of the tracks. Find the library and tracks you like best. And get them licensed and start using them in your video projects today.