How do I make better video?

How do I make better videos for my business?

Believe it or not, this is the number one question that I am asked time and time and time again by business owners.

And today I want to spend a few minutes going into this – and this is a big topic. So I’m going to try and keep this as short and succinct as I can.  

So what makes a better video?

But what do you actually mean by “better video”?

Are we talking about better production?

A lot of people immediately think that to make a better video, they need to buy a better camera. That they need a big variety of different shots and different framings, and that they need to be editing their shots together.

Sometimes, people just want something simple – like better lighting or better sound. And this is pretty easy to achieve.

But overall, who cares as long as you get the real basics right. The production values are neither here nor there – after all, there are loads of people who are getting amazing results from their video content using nothing but smartphones.

And if you really are stuck on those basics, if you don’t know what to do or where to start, then you should check out this FREE training, which teaches you exactly what you need to do to use your phone to create videos for your business. Just head to to find it!

So, If we’re not talking about better production – if that doesn’t make better video, especially when it comes to business – the question is “what do you really want from your video?”

How do I get more views for my video?

Does a better video get more views? And how do you get more views for your videos?

The simple way to get more views on your video is to have a better title, to have a better description and better tagging.

Basically, better SEO, which makes it easier for people to find.

And when they do find it, there’s a reason for them to want to click and take a look at what’s inside that video.  Generic titles don’t tell people enough or give them enough of a reason to want to click and take a look.

How do I get more likes, shares and comments on my video?

Okay, so maybe it’s not just more views that you’re after. Maybe you want more engagement, which can help lead to increased popularity on social media channels, which will also help you to get more views.

Generally, if people like your content, they’re going to click like, and if they want to share it, they’re going to share it.

So how do we get more likes and shares?

Ask your audience to like it. Ask your audience to share it.

And the same with comments. If you want people to comment, ask them to comment.

What you can also do is you can create talking points within the video. Think about what you’re talking about – what kind of things can you bring up that is going to naturally lead people to start a discussion.

One thing I ALWAYS say in my videos, is “if anyone has any questions about the stuff I’m talking about, please ask away. And if there’s anything which you feel is unclear or you want to know more about, again drop me a comment.”

So that covers getting views and basic engagement on your video. What else could make a better video?

How do I get more leads and email signups from my video?

Now before we go any further, here’s a cold, hard fact, which I’m sure is going to upset a lot of you.

Nobody wants your newsletter.

Nobody wants email updates about your business.

So if you want to get them on that newsletter, you’re going to have to do more. 

And actually I hate to use the term newsletter. It shouldn’t be a newsletter. We should ban that term. It’s a rubbish word. No one cares about your company news.

What they do care about is stuff that’s relevant to them.

So first of all – you’ve got to make sure that content is relevant to them.  You’re going to need to create content that makes them want to sign up and maybe you want to direct them to a relevant lead magnet, a free download, a PDF or webinar, maybe something else.

There has to be an incentive to want to join your email list to begin with.

And it has to be relevant to your video, the topic and the talking points.  And, and that’s just getting them on the list. Keeping them on the list, and keeping them engaged after they’ve signed up? That’s a completely different story!

Okay, so we’ve covered getting more views. We’ve taken a look at getting more engagement, and we’ve tried to get some leads. What’s next?

How do I get sales from my video?

Ultimately when we’re marketing sales is our end goal.

That is the Holy grail of everything that we want.

And again, you need to make sure you get that call to action right.

Because with the right call to action, people are going to be ready to buy.

But you need to be so careful. You can’t just slap on a, “Buy my stuff now! It’s so awesome! It does this! That! And the other! Buy! Buy! Buy!” on every video.

It’s too pushy.

It’s almost a little bit desperate, too.

If you’re going to have a salesy call to action it needs to be in the right place, for the right reason, in front of the right audience.

Think about this; the marketing efforts we make are very much a relationship.  I talk about this a lot, about building a relationship with your audience. And it’s much like a romantic relationship. You don’t go out on a first date, go for a couple of drinks and then propose marriage, do you?  

You Don’t Propose Marriage on the First Date

When someone sees a video of yours for the first time and it has a massive “Buy now!” at the end of it, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re making a marriage proposal on the very first date.

You’re jumping the gun and begging them for marriage immediately.

Whereas it’s a much more long-term relationship. You need to foster and nurture that lead.  

And something I heard recently which really stuck with me, is “how many people have made a marriage proposal without being almost absolutely certain that the answer was yes?”

Why were they almost certain? Because the relationship had been fostered and grown, and you need to do that with your content – you need to foster that relationship.

You can’t be asking for marriage on every date.  If you did, your date would likely think, “This is a bit weird and creepy”, and they’d end up going away.

And they might not think you’re creepy in your video content, but they are thinking “This is a bit too much. I’m not interested. I’m not ready to buy.”

They’re going to disappear.

But it’s about more than just your Call-to-Action

And don’t get me wrong, getting your CTA right is important. But the other thing we haven’t really looked at, which is much more important and applies to all of these scenarios and results that we’re looking at, is your messaging.

It’s all about what you say and how you say it.

Remember, we’re building a relationship with our audience and we’re trying to engage them. We’re trying to inspire them. We’re trying to educate them and it’s going to take time.

And that happens through a combination of turning up and being real, authentic and genuine. And it comes through a combination of sharing your knowledge and your expertise, but also through saying the right things at the right time, with the right calls to action.

It’s about nurturing that prospect in the right way until they are someone you’re ready to get down on one knee and say, “will you please buy from me?”

And if you’re not making sure that the message you’re sharing is right, if you’re not trying to build a real two way relationship of some kind with your audience you may lose them.

You really want people to get to know you, to like you and to trust you – because that’s when they’re going to buy from you. And I know that’s something I say all the time, but it’s so important to get this right.

Because it doesn’t matter how right you get any of your call to actions. It doesn’t matter how big or small your production budget ends up being.  Because if you’re not building a relationship and if you’re not getting your messaging right, you’re not going to make a good video.

Because it’s not going to resonate with those people that you’re trying to connect with.

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