“Why would someone hire you when they could just shoot the videos on their phone?”

Networking has become a real key part of my marketing in recent months.

In a way, that’s pretty strange. If you had told me this time a year ago that not only would I be going out twice a week, to sit in a room full of business owners that I don’t know in order to market my business, but that I’d actually enjoy the process, I’d have called you an idiot.

And yet here I am, April 2019, and that’s exactly what’s happening. And I’m loving it!

Recently, I was sat down for a 1-2-1 conversation with another business owner, and the first thing she asked me was the title of this post.

“Marc, why would someone hire you when they could just shoot the videos on their phone?”

It was a great question. But one that I thought I’d already answered.

You see, when I meet people and they ask what I do, I tell them that I help them not just get the messaging right, but I help them to get the video out there so the world can see it.

And I do it again when I’m given 40 seconds to stand up and introduce myself to the whole room.

Hadn’t she been listening?

I could have gotten upset. I could have gotten angry. This was the second occasion we’d met – and whilst I’d hoped that she’d seen some of the videos that I’d shared on social media between these two meets – she at least would have heard me introduce myself to the room twice.

But it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t understand exactly what it is that I do here at Firebrand Video. It was mine.

Clearly, my message hadn’t been clear enough, and I hadn’t managed to accurately convey exactly what it was that I did.

It was my fault.

So often, as business owners, we broadcast our message to the world, and get angry or upset when people don’t jump at the opportunity to buy from us.

Especially when we think that we’ve explained ourselves sufficiently, and that people should already understand exactly what it is that we do, and that they should be chomping at the bit to come and work with us!

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact is, we understand our businesses better than anyone else. And that’s a good thing. Because if we didn’t understand them, then we sure as hell couldn’t run them with any degree of success!

But because we understand them, we wrongly assume that others do too. And you know what they say about assumptions…

And this was the moment that highlighted it for me.

So what did I do?

Did I get upset? Did I get angry? Did I stumble at being asked this question?

Anything but!

“That’s a great question – and one that I’m glad you asked!” I opened, reassuring her that it was no means a stupid question or something that had put me out.

“The fact is, filming and editing these videos is the least important part of this whole process. What I do that’s different from so many of these other video production guys you’ll meet is that I focus on what happens before and after.”

“You need to plan your messaging – work out what you’re trying to achieve – and shoot the video with these goals in mind. You need to know how to format, order and deliver your messages to get the absolute best out of them when you shoot. It’s like any system – put garbage in, get garbage out.”

“And then, once the videos been shot and edited, it’s about getting it out there – making sure that people don’t just see it and give it likes and shares – but making sure that the video gets your business the results that you’re looking for.”

Our conversation went great after that, and we’ll hopefully be picking up where we left off in the very near future!

But what does this mean for you?

Quite simply, when you’re sitting there writing your own copy, shooting your own videos, and trying to work out your own messaging, you can so often get it wrong because you already know everything about your business.

You know exactly what it stands for. You know how it operates. You know what it does, and what it doesn’t do. More importantly, you know how it does these things differently from your competitors, and what makes your business truly unique.

The question is, are you communicating that message well enough?

Would someone who has never heard of you be able to really differentiate between you and someone else in your field at a moment’s notice?

Are those who do know you and what you do able to communicate these differences?

The real problem is that we’re so involved in our own businesses that we find it absolutely impossible to take a step outside of the box and take a look at our marketing in the same way as our prospects, clients and customers do.

And I should know!

It took me forever to finally start putting my videos and marketing content out there to the world!

Not because I was getting the message wrong.

But because I was so involved in my business, I couldn’t take a step back and take a look from the outside in and work out what it was that people wanted to know.

And coming from a marketer that sounds pretty ludicrous, right?

But it’s how I know that the same things are happening with you and your business.

So how do we find out if our marketing is communicating the ideas that we need it to?

You don’t have to go to a networking meeting and get asked what could have potentially been a very awkward question like I did!

But you do need to talk to people around you and start to work out what their perception of your business is.

Talking to current clients and customers is fine, but chances are they already “get it” – they’re buying from you already!

Try talking to your friends and family – show them your marketing materials, give them your elevator pitch, make them listen to your messaging!

Then ask them to describe in as much detail as possible what you do and what your company stands for. Ask them how you do it. Ask them how your company is different to others.

And encourage them to ask questions.

Because if there’s something they’re unsure of – especially if something keeps on cropping up – chances are it’s something that your prospects are unsure of too.

Are you still a little unsure and want to make sure that you’re getting that messaging right?

At Firebrand Video, getting your messaging right is of the utmost importance. After all, if you’re messaging isn’t right, it doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles are added to your video content – it’s not going to do the job that it’s meant to do!

We’d love to help you work on your message – but first of all we need to know a little bit about you, your business, and your goals – so head on over to the front page of our website, fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and we’ll schedule a free strategy session to help you kickstart your video marketing strategy now!